QC 4.0

On-the-fly Quark Quality Control. Checks, fixes and collects your documents
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QC brings a new kind of Quality Control to QuarkXPress users. Use QC throughout the life of a job interactively to check QXP documents for integrity. Save most of the time that is wasted between production studios and proofreading by running a QC check. QC will catch many of the problems that a proof reader would normally flag. Problems like a space before a comma, misaligned boxes, text outside of live area (and many more) are found instantly. As a native XTension for QuarkXPress, QC quickly generates an interactive list of problems. Click on an item in the list, and QC transports you to that part of the document, where you'll find the problem highlighted. Once your document is perfect, you can easily collect it for output using QC Collect, along with graphics and fonts used (including the ones in your EPS files).

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